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R&D Gyan provides R&D related solution to your organizaiton by experienced and qualified team.


R&D Support

R&D Lab

A one step solution for your new or old laboratory set up projects. Our team help full solution from lab designing to trianing the R&D staff by understanding your future goal.

R&D Benefits

R&D Gyan helps to aware your lab with government benefits in taking complience with various Government departments such as DSIR, collabration with research institute.

R&D Project Management

R&D Gyan Consultants have over 12 years experience of managing R&D and innovation projects collbrating with universities, institues, public research organisations and private companies which includes project writting to product development.

Strategic R&D Management

R&D Gyan expertise lies in acquiring R&D in experiment and in organizing the company's R&D Department which maintains a strategic management vision and understanding of the R&D team.


Why Us?

R&D Gyan takes effect on your application on the date the contract is signed; this helps with faster processing time. R&D Gyan with its extensive customer experience over the years has identified issues that cause delays in the delivery of the DSIR Recognition application. To address such issues R&D Gyan has developed the following methods.

Processes and Time

R&D Gyan clearly describes the processes and times.

Avoid Delays

To avoid delays caused by confusion of roles and responsibilities we mentioned the different responsibilities of the client and R&D Gyan during this project.

Default Process

R&D Gyan has the default process for completing the program.


What We Do?

R&D Gyan is pleased to share its knowlede in assisting R&D related activities like to start R&D facilities complient with DSIR, New product develpment, process develpment, R&D staff training. We believe incentives and project are for all research aspiriants firms. We work with clients of all sizes and provide each of them with the best level of customer service.


Explore our categories

Lead Consultant

Our leading consultant will check your location and only then will we take the assignment.


Demonstrate this at every step because we believe in sharing and putting the facts on the table.

Helping Scientific Writing and Publishing

Since a published article or copyright is undeniable evidence of research done, it was completed and accepted by peers.

Consulting for Government Funding Projects & Schemes

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Funding Strategies and Writing Projects and Application for a Small Loan to Fill R&D Instruments from India.

Literature Support to R&D

The technology service provider also assists companies in their Literary Basic Initiative by assisting them with the provision of books.

Technologies Transfer Documents

Managed file transfer. R&D Gyan indulge in whole range of scientific writing.

Soft Loaning Application Filling for R&D Instruments

R&D projects are proposed jointly by industry and educational institutions / laboratories and to extend R&D soft loans in the drug industry.

Funding Schemes and Projects Writing

R&D Gyan not only helps to provide business groups according to their needs to communicate in these government programs and incentives offered by various departments.

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